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Now I challenge everyone to say that 5 times really fast…

The most common theme amongst food producers, is the passion they have for the products they produce for their consumers to enjoy. This is certainly the case for us, the AG Schilling & Co team, and is what ultimately saw the launch of our Yorke Premium brand. Not only are we passionate about our products, but we are proud of the beautiful Yorke Peninsula of South Australia – an area that enables us to produce premium quality grain based foods. For many consumers, it not just the quality of the product that transform a product into an experience, but also the story behind how and where it was made.

Yorke Premium’s goal is to offer customers that experience by providing a product which is:

  • of the highest quality
  • 100% safe to enjoy
  • produced sustainably
  • complete with the story of how it was made.

Where our products are grown?

If you hadn’t guessed from the name “Yorke Premium” (or read the paragraph above!), all our products are grown on the northern region of Yorke Peninsula South Australia. This region is renowned not only for its natural beauty but also its highly productive farming land. Being surrounded by the sea we are fortunate to receive regular rain during the crop growing season which is exactly what you need for growing happy healthy crops. Because we not only grow the crops but also transport, store, process and manufacture our products ourselves, we are able to offer clients single origin products with complete traceability.

Use our interactive map below to find out exactly where our malt barley is grown.

When do our crops grow?

All our crops grow during Autumn, Winter and Spring. Crops are planted from late April until the end of May; giving the seed the best chance of emerging before the cold winters set in. It normally takes 10-14 days for these seedlings to emerge from the ground, followed by a 5-6 month growing period.

While the crops continue growing steadily through the winter months, it’s once the sun begins to shine in early spring that we see the most growth. By late September the crops are in full flower before the grain begins to form in October.

By November the crops have finished growing and have now produced seeds ready to be harvested. Our team works long and hard during November and December to ensure we “Reap” the most from our hard work during the year. Grain is harvested and then transported to “on-farm” storage, to await sale during the year.

AG Schilling & Co team busy harvesting a bread wheat crop in December 2018.

What are sustainable grains?

As food producers, we rely on the environment to assist us with growing food.
Therefore, protecting our natural resources is always at the forefront of our minds.

  • The farming operation of AG Schilling & Co uses state of the art machinery and scientifically proven grain growing methods to ensure our crops are grown in the most sustainable manner and to protect our farming land for future generations.
  • We use conservation tillage methods at seeding which only disturb the tiniest amounts of soil. It ensures no soil erosion will occur and maximises moisture retention.
  • We extensively soil test our paddocks to check soil nutrition levels remain in order. It also ensures we only apply the fertiliser that our crops require.
  • Rotating our crops to a different paddock each year assists us in keeping the weed and disease levels low. After the crops are harvested, we make sure we leave as much straw/stubble behind as we can, so that our friends the “earth worms” have plenty of food to enjoy.

What happens to the harvested grain?

As we harvest, our grain is quality tested and stored in large sheds and silos ready to be processed. In order to provide Yorke Premium customers with the highest quality products, we need to use the best available grain processing and manufacturing equipment. Our grain is not only sorted by size and weight, but also colour. This ensures consistent quality product to all our customers.

While the Yorke Premium team is very skilled, there are some jobs which are just a little too big for us to handle, such as malting our barley and packaging up our products. In these instances, we call upon professionals who are highly skilled in these areas to assist us. We always maintain complete track and traceability throughout the process. The final step of course, is to deliver them to you to enjoy.

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