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If a Farmer can grow Malt Barley but not malt it and a Maltster can malt barley but not grow it then you’d have to ask: What came first, the Farmer or the Maltster?

Well the farmer came first of course!

Provenance Pale Malt

At Yorke Premium producing a quality base malt starts well before any grains enter the malt house. The first key step is choosing a barley variety that will provide our customers with the malt quality they require to brew consistent flavourful beers. The second step hinges on the skill and knowledge of the farmer, who using a lot of science (and a little bit of luck) produces a barley crop with a grain quality that hits that malting sweet spot. Then with some careful management the grain is processed and stored until the Maltster is ready to work their magic.

Banking on Banks Barley

At Yorke Premium the first variety we have selected to produce our Provenance Pale Malt is InterGrain’s new variety “Banks”. Banks barley is well suited to the mild growing conditions of Yorke Peninsula and when you combine its Intermediate Diastatic Power (DP) level and good grain plumpness, you have a perfect fit for the Australian Craft Beer industry.

A Taste of Place

After having carefully selected a variety that meets our quality requirements, nurtured and managed the crop to produce malting quality grain, the third component that makes our Yorke Premium Pale Malt unique is the fact that you could stand in the very paddock which produced the barley! Every batch of Yorke Premium malt comes from a single paddock, not a co-mingled stack.  This ensures all our batches of malt can be traced from planting to pint. 

2018 Provenance Pale Malt is now available

While it may seem, we are little behind only offering the 2018 malt for sale now, you might be interested to know that:

  • The barley growing season from seeding through to harvest is 5-6 months. On Yorke Peninsula this commences in April/May, reaching completion in November.
  • Once our Banks barley has been harvested it needs a critical rest, so is stored for a period of 4-6 months allowing seed dormancy to break down before the Malting process is undertaken.

Our 2018 Banks Barley crop was grown in an AG Schilling & Co paddock known as “S7” or more fondly referred to as “Rose’s”. This paddock has been owned and farmed by the Schilling family for over 35 years and has grown many wonderful crops during that time including Bread Wheat, Lentils, Oats and now of course barley. Paddock “S7″ consists of gently undulating loamy soils perfect for the production of premium quality cereal grains.

Summary of the 2018 season

Paddock:   S7 “Rose’s”
Variety sown:   Banks Barley
Planting Date:   13th May 2018
Harvest Date:   21st of November 2018
Grain quality:   Malt 1
Paddock yield:   4.5 tonnes per hectare (which by our calculations means that paddock produced enough malt barley for 321,548 cartons of beer!)
Malted by:   Coopers Malt House
Malt commencement date:    30th of June 2019
Malting completion date:   9th of July 2019
Yorke Premium’s 2018 Provenance Base Malt official release date:   12th of July 2019

Package sizes available

Yorke Premium prides itself on delivering the highest quality product by the most convenient methods to our customers. We offer a range of standard packaging options and are always willing to discuss individual needs.

Standard packaging options:

Plastic lined sacks


 Plastic lined bulka bags

500kg & 1000kg

Exchangeable plastic bins


No rest for the Thirsty!

While our Yorke Premium 2018 Provenance Pale Malt is now being packed and delivered to customers there is no time to rest for our talented farm team who have the 2019 Banks Barley crops planted and growing very happily. Because our team loves a challenge, in 2019 we have planted not just one, but two Banks barley crops so we can ensure our customers have reliable access to the highest quality product we can produce.

If your passionate about your product, don’t just take time to inspect where your hop selections are produced, talk to our friendly staff and organise a walk through one of our 2019 Banks crops and inspect where you malt has come from for a complete Paddock to Pint experience.

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