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Yorke Premium

Passionate food producers helping to deliver sustainably produced food for all families to enjoy.

Yorke Peninsula in South Australia is not only rich in beauty but also rich in natural resources enabling the production of some of Australia’s premium food and fibre. Yorke Premium showcases products with Yorke Peninsula providence while emphasising the families and businesses responsible for producing the highest quality sustainably grown food. Our belief is that through the stories of our farms, families and food producers, our consumers will develop trust in our products and make them apart of their family’s story.

Malbro Mid

4% ABV & 18IBU’s

The Beer

What beer do you brew to represent place, history & terroir while showcasing single origin malt?  Well you start with a style that is etched into brewing history. A style with its origins dating back to the early 1800’s.  A style from a single German city that has a brewing history going right back to the middle ages. A style shaped by a purity law the “Reinheitsgebot” adopted in1516 that prevented German beer from being brewed with anything other than water, malt, yeast and hops. You brew a Kolsch style ale! But you do it with an Australian twist!

Although a little hazy, unlike the Kolsch you might sip on the banks of the Rhine, Malbro Mid is light, refreshing and balanced. The Kolsch style allows for a maltiness to be expressed rather than shouted down by a gang of hops looking to graffiti your palate.  Here the Target and Fuggles hops do their job, giving Malbro Mid that subtle bitterness and spice to provide a balance for you to enjoy.

The Malt

Malbro Mid is produced on Yorke Peninsula, an area in South Australia renowned for its quality malting barley.  The barley is:

  • selected from a single farm
  • harvested from a single paddock
  • a single variety
  • crafted into a pale malt that bursts with malty grainy sweetness.

Banks Barley, first released by InterGrain in 2017, is a variety with excellent malting characteristics and is still in the process of achieving its accreditation stripes.

The Grain

Producing malt quality barley is no easy task. It relies on the talents and skill of the grower (plus a little bit of science) to hit that malting quality sweet spot.  Sown on the 10th of May 2017, this crop of Banks was always destined to end up in a glass.  Given just the right amount of love and tenderness (not to mention the right amount of nitrogen), Banks shone through the season all the way into the header on 15th of November 2017. It was then cleaned and tucked up into its silo where it stayed waiting for its opportunity to meet the maltster.

The Farm

The name “Malbro Mid” represents the land owner where the Barley was grown. The Hallo family, trading as Malbro Pty Ltd, have owned “Hallo Farm” at Agery on northern Yorke Peninsula since 1925. While initially farmed by the late Kenneth Loudon Hallo, the current owners, Brian and Margret Hallo, began share-farming with A.G. Schilling & Co in 1993. Share-farming is a common practice within the Australian farming system, where by land owners partner with local farming businesses to produce food and fibre as a joint business. The Malbro property is characterised by fertile loam soil which is ideal for growing Premium Hard Wheat, Durum Wheat, Lentils, Chickpeas and Malt Barley.

Where The Magic Happens

Brewed & Bottled in Australia
Brewed Under Contract by
Clare Valley Brewing Co for
Yorke Premium
528 Copper Hill Rd, Cunliffe SA 5554

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